Palm Springs Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapist and Psychedelic therapist in Palm Springs, CA

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Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Coachella Valley or via telehealth in CA, NY, UT and VT. Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is a collaboration between mental health specialists and medical providers trained in the use of sub-anesthetic ketamine as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Ketamine has been studied since 1962, part of 100+ years of research on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Ketamine was FDA approved in 1970, and has been safely administered to billions of people around the globe. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy aims to use the minimum amount of medicine for the maximum amount of improvement to your quality of life. Contact the Psychedelic Institute of Mental Health & Family Therapy for a referral.

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